900lbs Brings New Life To Boy Scouts of America Brand

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It wasn’t until the Boy Scouts of America sought recruiting help from marketing agency 900lbs of Creative that they realized how much their brand needed a makeover.

“The Boy Scouts of America approached us because they needed to reach today’s young audience,” says 900lbs technical director Cole Wiser. “They’re looked at as an old brand and we were able to present them in a totally unique way.”

900lbs is a small Dallas-based agency known for interactive storytelling and immersive content using virtual reality. The agency’s very first client from eight years ago was the Dallas Mavericks basketball team with whom they worked with to create Jumbotron videos for stadium fans.


The Event

When the Boy Scout of America approached Wiser and his team more recently, both parties agreed that attending Lego KidsFest 2016 and becoming an official sponsor of the event could be a great way to recruit young boys.

Lego KidsFest is a travelling event that takes place in several major United States cities. It’s a party for kids and their parents with giant Lego sculptures and Lego pits that kids can jump into — so it was a natural fit that one of the largest recreational youth organizations in the country would be there.

“You walk into this huge stadium and there’s Lego everywhere,” explains Wiser. “And then randomly there’s this Boy Scout’s tent. It was totally unexpected and exactly what we needed.”


The Challenge

The Boy Scouts of America faced a challenge at the event: How would they get the attention of kids and parents already engaged in fun activities? How could they recruit new members without giving an overt sales pitch? What would be the best way to present themselves as a modern, fun and relevant brand?

900lbs put their heads together and did what they do best — they thought outside the box.

Wiser and his team built a virtual reality zip lining experience for kids and their parents, fully branded for their client.

“We showed kids and parents how cool it is to be a Boy Scout.”


Watch the video below to see how it worked!

The Results

It turns out, attending Lego KidsFest was a major success! 900lbs helped the Boy Scouts of America capture over 10,000 leads at four separate events in Phoenix, St. Louis, Nashville and Austin.


And what’s more, they captured those leads using QuickTapSurvey!

900lbs created two surveys, one which participants filled out before their virtual reality zip lining experience and one after. Email addresses were collected and participants were asked after zip lining if they would be interested in joining Boy Scouts.


“QuickTapSurvey perfectly suited our needs,” says Wiser. “It was user-friendly enough that everyone could complete the survey on their own.”

Here are some of the helpful stats 900lbs collected for their client:

  • 17,709 total zip lining participants

  • 98% of participants enjoyed the zip lining experience

  • 62% of participants were interested in joining Boy Scouts after zip lining 


All in all, Lego KidsFest ended up being the perfect opportunity for Boy Scout recruiting and to revive a 56 year-old brand with a fresh feel. The Boy Scouts of America were wise to chose 900lbs as their marketing agency. When your agency is aptly nicknamed “Creative Special Forces Unit” chances are you’re good at coming up with ideas that deliver.

By: Shereen Dindar