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900lbs of Creative is a collective of experiential designers, interactive artists and content developers who design experiences for a diverse range of events, exhibits and emerging technology.

     As an Experiential Marketing studio, we deliver targeted, visual storytelling using emerging technology like virtual reality, motion tracking and projection mapping. Our immersive, multi-sensory experiences maximize potential ROI from events, retail spaces and campaigns while complementing existing marketing strategies.


Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Projection Mapping

Motion Tracking

Interactive Installations

3D Animation

360 Video


Creative Consulting

ROI Analytics


The Strategy: 

Teaming up with Activision has its many upsides and challenges, as you can expect, and this year they wanted to raise the bar and engage their audience in ways that had never been done before. Needless to say…we were more than up for the task.

The Experience: 

In order to raise that bar, we collaborated with our technology partners to immerse the viewer with a massive 17ft x 150ft, 180 degree wrap-around screen. The audio design was top-notch, as we engulfed the audience with a Dolby Digital 5.1 setup. Big thanks to our friends at Dallas Audio Post for a killer mix! The technology was only half the battle, and with an 8 week timeline, we hit the ground running to create 50 minutes of custom large scale content – totaling 6.5K resolution. We had to film in many locations, including Blizzard Entertainment’s campus and Activision’s main offices in California as well as several strategically setup green screen shoots here in Dallas.

In post-production, we worked with several of Activision’s studios and brand teams to ensure our end product would align with their very specific branding requirements. All of the provided assets and custom content were wrapped around a video game menu concept which tied everything together. We traveled down to San Antonio for the event, where the finishing touches were made during testing to ensure everything came together smoothly. In the end, the audience was blown away with the large scale presentation and our client was overjoyed knowing their showroom was the talk of the Expo.

The Boy Scouts of America

The Strategy:

Design an experience that effectively illustrates the experience of being a Boy Scout, specifically High Adventure activities including zip lining, white water rafting, rock climbing and mountain biking.

The Experience:

Using the Boy Scout’s newest High Adventure base “The Summit” as our focal point, we created an immersive 360° Video experience for the iPad. Kids of all ages crowded around the Boy Scouts’ Outpost Store in Chicago’s Woodfield Mall to get their hands on the iPad experience, and get a first person perspective of what it’s like to ride one of the longest zip lines in the United States. The experience enabled the Boy Scouts of America organization to connect with prospective scouts in a new and exciting way!

The Future:900lbs_BoyScoutsMRE_03-

Moving forward with the Boy Scouts, we are working on a number of mobile recruitment units designed specifically to bring similar experiences like our Virtual Reality experience to prospective Boy Scouts everywhere. To the right is a sample design of one such experience that brings many of the exciting parts of being a Boy Scout into one place. This experience can house physical interactions like a climbing wall, or digital interactions like the Oculus Rift. These initiatives are an important part of the Boy Scouts plans in the future, helping showcase the organization as modern and forward thinking.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The Strategy: 

Partner with the Perot Museum and the Science Museum of Minnesota to create an interactive exhibit to anchor the Sports Hall, an entire floor of the Perot Museum where patrons can learn and experience the science and technology behind running. The main objectives of the exhibit were to be physically stimulating, environmentally friendly and easily updatable.

900lbs_PerotRunningWall_ConceptArtThe Experience: 

As the content provider for the exhibit, we were responsible for creating life-size computer animated and live action characters for attendees to interact with on the 55ft interactive wall. For the live-action characters, a challenging setup of 12 HD cameras, 72ft of green screen and a crew of 22 was needed to film athletes ranging from professional football to gymnastics. Computer generated characters were modeled and textured from research, photography and many discussions with the museum’s curators. A maquette from the movie Jurassic Park was used to create the Tyrannosaurs rex, and the Cheetah Conservation Fund provided invaluable input towards the animation of the Cheetah. The result was an unparalleled interactive experience that educates and entertains audiences of all ages.

The Proof: 

Approx. 2,000 kids per day (visiting the museum)

Approx. 5,800 people running through the exhibit per week

Last year, approx. 300,000 people raced a T-Rex, cheetah or athlete at the Perot

Through our tracking algorithym, the T-Rex ranks as the top competitor constituting 28% of all daily engagements

Approx. 57% vs 43% choose to race 3D computer graphics vs real-life filmed athletes 

Helped the Perot Museum reach it’s goal of 1 million attendees in 8 months (4 months ahead of schedule)

Helped the Perot Museum exceed it’s charter membership (goal was 10,000 and the number of charter memberships purchased was 50,000+)

Vespa Italian Scooters

The Strategy:

Create an Augmented Reality experience that works in conjunction with a magazine ad, allowing prospective Vespa owners the ability to customize a scooter using real world options and specifications.

The Experience:

This AR experience provides the prospective owner a truly unique interaction with Vespa, merging the physical and the digital to bring a simple magazine ad to life. The app is built around convenience and customization to educate scooter enthusiasts on the full breadth of options available at Vespa. GPS capabilities direct you to the nearest Vespa dealership to purchase your customized model, and social media integration allows you to share your dream scooter with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Other Augmented Reality Experiences:

A favorite AR experience of 900lbs is a recent initiative from Pepsi Max. The experience uses a common place like a Bus Stop Shelter to augment strange occurrences such as an alien attack, a tiger on the loose, or a rouge robot destroying the city. Using simply a standard TV screen and a well placed camera Pepsi Max was able to take a space typically reserved for print ads, and give people a completely different experience, drawing attention to Pepsi Max through viral videos and social activity. This experience was seen all over the internet, gaining traction on some of the largest tech and lifestyle websites.