900lbs Debuts Virtual Reality Goalkeeper Game At FC Dallas Event

By October 13, 2016 No Comments


On October 8, 2016, at FC Dallas’ Meet the Team event, our team proudly debuted an industry-first virtual reality goalie simulation on the HTC Vive. And, energy was high as the crowd eagerly awaited their turn in line to experience the game!


Using industry-leading game development software, our team was able to create a fully immersive soccer arena of the future. This infrared-based interactive VR game puts the user in the first-person point of view of a goalkeeper. The game is controlled by the user’s physical movements (in real time) as they use their hands to try and block incoming shots from a virtual avatar. Players quickly moved and jumped as they try to win a penalty shootout for their team.

Kids and parents weren’t the only ones in line to play. The biggest highlights of the event happened when FC Dallas’ owner, Dan Hunt, coach, Oscar Pareja, and their starting goalkeeper, Chris Seitz, each played the game for themselves. Seitz had the crowd excited and cheering loudly as he garnered a near-perfect score.

fc-dallas-virtual-reality-game1With the hard work our team put toward this game, it was gratifying to see all of the smiling faces as our game was put to work.

From enhancing fans’ game day experience to utilizing the game for acute hand-eye coordination training and even to collaborating with a non-profit to repurpose the game for kids with disabilities, we see many potential future uses for this virtual reality goalkeeper game. Stay tuned…