900lbs Partners With Activision For GME Conference 2019

By September 12, 2019 No Comments

Activision is always a big part of the annual GameStop Store Leaders’ Conference, and for the last 8 years, the gaming giant has tapped the 900lbs visual content team to create a huge impact at the event. Every year, 900lbs partners with the Activision team to develop funny video parodies that not only celebrate the GameStop/Activision partnership and drive excitement for the new game launches, but entertain the GameStop managers in attendance.

At the 2019 conference in Nashville, TN, we deepened our partnership with the Activision team, creating two engaging and entertaining videos and tapping into our interactive capabilities to create a digital photo booth that placed conference attendees on the cover of the new Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare game. The videos inside the training room were hilarious, warranting a standing ovation at the end of nearly every training session, and the digital photo booth was a huge hit with the 4,500+ GameStop managers at the conference. Everyone clambored to get a shot of themselves on the cover of Modern Warfare – and they even got the chance to try out the exclusive new night vision goggles – available only in the GameStop pre-order kits.

The GameStop Store Leaders Conference in Nashville was a huge success, and the GameStop crowd proved that Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is the most anticipated game release of the year. Cheers to another fun and successful year of partnership between 900lbs, Activision and GameStop!