Bishop Arts: We Love It Here

It’s been about a year since 900lbs made its move to the Bishop Arts District, and it has been a year filled with some incredible experiences. We are surrounded by amazing people who are committed to keeping Bishop Arts a vibrant and creative area of Dallas and have helped us feel like important members of the community. Places like Oddfellows, Espumoso, and Bolsa Mercado feel like a second home to 900lbs and help provide us a creative atmosphere to thrive in. We’ve helped out local elementary school Reagan Elementary by speaking at career days and passing out holiday gifts. Our landlord, GoodSpace, is purchasing more of the neighborhood and is committed to keeping Bishop Arts a hip and unique area of Dallas.


Without this creative environment, we truly believe 900lbs wouldn’t be what it is today. We’ve recently expanded our team, adding a new Marketing Director and promoting a 3D animation intern to a full-time position. We have incredible projects on the horizon, which has us collaborating with some amazing partners and meeting inspirational people.


Its a great time to a citizen of Dallas, especially in the Bishop Arts District. If you haven’t visited Bishop Arts, you should do so as soon as possible. Make a point to stop by our studio and we can send you in the direction of some of our favorite local spots (and if you’re lucky, we might show you all the cool stuff we are working on!). As always, you can stay updated on the more day-to-day happenings at 900lbs on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, but keep an eye here on our blog for periodic stories about us, projects we are working on, and things that bring us inspiration. Till next time!