Conceptualizing Concept Art

 A good idea starts with a vision. The problem with that vision, is it can often be singular and personal; one that can’t be seen by others. This is where we believe concept art has its greatest importance: telling the story of that vision. Obviously, concept art derives its name from providing insight into a concept, but we see it as more than just that. With its most popular use in film, we use concept art as a partner with that vision, operating with the thought that a good idea must have good concept art, and good concept art must have a good idea.


As many of our clients know, we love concept art. When working on large-scale projects like Projection Mapping, concept art is a major part of our creative process. Our Art Director, Steve Quentin, heads our concept art department and brings a talent that has been sharpened at high-profile animation studios like Disney. His work effectively allows us to integrate new and innovative technologies into our visions, giving audiences a clear picture of our ideas. You can see some examples of Steve’s concept art here in this article, as he demonstrates some more environmental conceptual art.