Innovation often ignores the most critical

factor of design: the human being

We designed a fully immersive system, leveraging the full scope of our innovation lab and integrating technology with the creativity of our marketing studio. As a result, we help world class organizations identify opportunities, solve the most complex challenges, and achieve optimal outcomes.


One could say we have the ability to ask “why not” and to push the envelope on creativity.  We do more than solving problems.  We are the storytellers, the opportunity miners, the disruptive doers who challenge the status quo.   We do this by exciting the human experience though technological design elements that are ignited through the human innovation science methodology.

This is exactly why our formula has emerged

from the most intimate core of the human framework…

From our organic investigation of the human framework, innovation, neuroscience, organizational behavior, + primitive excavation mapping… we unearthed a scientific formula that is designed to evolve the human experience through dynamic design, inventive methodologies, and good old fashioned hard work.


(Evolving the Human Experience)


Created to quantify the behaviors of neuroscience within the discipline of design, we advance the human experience through the brilliant reality that we are all very human. Thus, we activate Human Innovation Science as our navigational map to the opportunities and challenges that are nestled within our work, life, and play… which is essentially how we cultivate human possibility within tactical innovation, as the world around us evolves. 


As designers we believe every detail is critical to our process.  So when it is time to handcraft a Design Chemistry session, we infuse the physical space with layers that elevate the senses, capture the very essence of human energy and social balance, and ultimately inspire “creative-collisions.” From colorful post-it notes to creative eruption, we fuel the physical environment with our brand and visualize the space as a dynamic tool that is organically crafted to encourage real-time solutions to your opportunities and challenges.


This is that critical moment, where elevating the human experience through design, creatively induces intuitive outcomes. To cultivate our mars-shot goal [more on this later], we activate our arsenal of emerging technologies, investigative methods, rapid-fire prototyping skills, and neurodesign to influence how we excavate diagnostic design requirements.


How we activate innovation is as important as why…. We exist in an environment where doing what has not been done, is why we get out of bed every day… a place where technology is finally catching up with our imaginations… a space where distraction, innovation, and disruption are becoming household names.  This is why the collision of technology, design, and the human experience is the voice that drives our tactical approach to innovation.


“How do we utilize the complex systems of neuroscience, technology, and design to simplify the human experience?”

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