Exploring Technology and Trends at the Gartner IT Symposium

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Are you one of the 9,000 innovation leaders who attended Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2019? If you weren’t able to make it – don’t worry – we were there. Here is the 900lbs recap. 

(If you did attend, please drop me a note at I’d love to connect and hear about your experience.) 

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2019 is one of the world’s most important gatherings of CIOs and IT executives across all verticals. Thousands of industry leaders and decision-makers converge to explore the technology, insights, and trends shaping the future of IT and business. 

This year’s theme was Leading the Digital Society, an idea layered with vital insights, disruptive perspectives, and compelling predictions. There is no debate that technology is shaping every aspect of our lives. And, as our digital society continues to expand more and more, there’s a growing need for guidance as companies desire to explore technologies like AI, data visualization, and AR/VR. To help companies navigate the shifting digital landscape, Garter identified 9 digital experience trends that organizations should consider adding as part of their 2020 strategic plan. 

“Gartner’s digital experience trends fall within two broad categories — how digital technologies are experienced and how digital experiences are built. How engaging digital experiences are built is becoming more structured, which means that delivering a digital experience that ensures a measurable outcome will require both creative excellence and consistent process execution.”  – Brian Prentice, research vice president at Gartner. 

Gartner’s top digital experience trends for 2020 are as follows:

1. Multi-experience

Multi-experience refers to the various mode shifts (touch, voice, and gesture), and how users interact with your company in their digital journeys. 

2. Interfaceless Machines

Companies across industries are abandoning the traditional machine interfaces for mobile device control to elevate and extend the user experience. 

3. Agent Interfaces

Agent interfaces represent a seismic shift of humans and computers interact. This new paradigm will significantly impact how companies interact with customers along their buying journey. (think Chatbots) 

4. Facial Recognition Payment

Facial recognition payment offers a whole new perspective on enhancing digital CX and driving business growth.

5. Inclusive Design

Inclusive design is the principle that the best way to serve the broad needs of a society is to consider the individual needs of all possible communities. Designers need to find features and capabilities that accommodate all segments that are potential customers or users of their products.

6. Insourced Digital Design Services

Digital design is the process organizations use to create the best digital experience for their end-users. The practice of insourcing digital design reduces costs and unifies suppliers while increasing operational efficiency and digital experience innovation

7. UX Research Renaissance

UX research and testing practices uncover user insights that are essential for successful design, development, and innovation initiatives. The value of understanding users, what they do, and why they do it – is seen as a differentiator for organizations. This renaissance will drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ROI.

8. Design to Code

A new generation of digital design tools is emerging that allows designers to generate presentation layer code directly from screen designs and interactive prototypes. 

9. Design Ops

 New tools enable designers to create and expand design deliverables, such as layouts, color palettes, typefaces, controls, components, and other elements and control them across multiple business units, applications, endpoints, and other design variables.

Learn more in the report “The Leading Trends in Digital Experience — 2020.”

FGartner IT Symposium/Xpo was an excellent experience packed with insights and actionable items we want to share. If you’re curious how to best apply these trends to your brand, pop me an email.

If you remember only one thing. 

900lbs attended Symposium because we are committed to your success. We believe that innovation is more powerful when done together. We want to learn with you and work alongside you — our clients and partners — to grow your digital dexterity, create more people-centric experiences, and integrate innovative ideas into your brand’s aim.