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Firestone & Robertson Distillery Hologram

By December 11, 2017 No Comments

In 2012, Leonard Firestone and Troy Robertson, hell-bent on crafting true Texas whiskeys, got together and formed Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. After 5 years of incredible and undeniable growth and popularity surrounding it’s headline offering, TX Whiskey, the two embarked on a new project – expansion. This month, F&R will debut the largest whiskey distillery west of the Mississippi River: The Firestone & Robertson Whiskey Ranch.

Situated on the historic grounds of the Glen Garden Country Club, they set out to create a whiskey experience unlike anything else they had seen – and that’s where 900lbs comes in.

Knowing they had a unique opportunity with a fresh start, F&R came to 900lbs looking for a way to bring a high-tech experience to their whiskey wonderland. They needed a way to tell the story and history of Firestone & Robertson, and provide another wow experience for their guests.

Needless to say, we have a number of ardent fans of TX Whiskey at 900lbs, and we jumped at the opportunity. Knowing we didn’t want to take away from the main-line experience of the distillery, we began exploring a hologram-based experience. This would allow us to create a unique and impressive experience, without taking over the space.

From there, we had a number of fact-finding and historical brainstorming sessions with F&R (whiskey in hand, of course), and delved deeper into the history of the distillery, the hand-crafted detail that goes into their whiskey making process, and all the finer details that people may not notice that really separates F&R from other distilleries.

To achieve this goal, we filmed Leonard and Troy on green screen, where they communicated their story. We combed through hours of footage and hundreds of photos, created dynamic motion graphics and text treatments, and brought it all to life in holographic form.

The result is a truly unique historical and detailed perspective of why F&R operates the way they do, and adds a high-tech layer of story telling to their impressive new facility.

You can visit the F&R Whiskey Ranch at 4250 Mitchell Blvd in Fort Worth, TX, or at