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Get To Know 900lbs: Abby Spears

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Abby Spears

Meet the Team Abby Spears

What do you do at 900lbs?

I’m an Account Manager – out here on the front lines helping clients from a variety of industries achieve their goals in cool, unique ways that generate buzz.

What do you do for fun? 

I’m always down for anything dog-related – I love hanging with my own hoodrat pups (they’re the best…most of the time) and volunteering with various rescue organizations to try to help as many puppers as I can. I also burn through horror + true crime shows/movies/podcasts on a regular basis – it’s becoming a real issue. When I’m not petting dogs or learning about murderers, I like to paint, hang with friends and go to all the concerts.

If you didn’t grow up in Dallas, where?

I was born and raised in the DF-Dub!

Favorite music?

Rap – mainly old school 80s/90s jams. I didn’t choose the thug life – the thug life chose me.

Where do you hang out in your free time? 

Anywhere! I’m pretty much down for anything – especially dive bars.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d love to visit Bali – I’ll have to bring a suitcase full of SPF1000, but I’ve always wanted to go, and the potential sun damage seems worth it.

What is your favorite 900lbs project so far?

This year, I got to jump in on some of the fun stuff we did for Activision at the annual GameStop Managers’ Conference in Nashville, and it was pretty cool – I loved seeing the reaction to our videos, and seeing the genuine excitement for the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game.

What are your top 5?

All of the projects I’m working on…duh! And, of course, the Perot Museum Running Wall and all of the Dallas Mavericks videos the team did back in the day.