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Get To Know 900lbs: Ossiris Avalos

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Ossiris Avalos (oh-psy-ris)

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What do you do at 900lbs?

I’m the User Interface Designer

What do you do for fun?

I have a very close group of friends. We’re scattered all over the U.S but when we manage to all be in one city at the same time, we’re in for an EPIC time.

If you didn’t grow up in Dallas, where?

I was born in San Francisco but grew up in San Diego. So basically I’m from California. I moved to Dallas in October 2018.

Favorite music?

My music preference changes with my mood, so let me just give you a glimpse of what is on my recently played list: Brian Mcknight, Aviici, Queen, Frederic Chopin and Melody Gardot. I know, it’s quite the little mix.


Where do you hang out in your free time?

I’m new to Dallas, but so far I’ve really enjoyed Legacy Hall, Lower Greenville and Oaklawn.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Greece is on the top of my list, however since I’ll be there in May, I’m gonna go with New Zealand, the capital of outdoor Adventure.