Interstate Batteries Trivia Showdown

Interstate Batteries, which operates a distributor network that supplies batteries and power solutions to over 200,000 dealers, recently reached out to 900lbs to develop a fun, interactive trivia game that could be showcased at the their Annual Distributors’ Conference in Long Beach, CA from June 7-11. The goal was  to provide not only entertainment, but also to educate distributors on why National Accounts such as Costco, Honda and Subaru are key to their success.

The National Accounts Trivia Showdown features Norm Miller, President & Chairman. Contestants competed in a random 10-question multiple choice trivia game to test their knowledge on Interstate Batteries. Key prizes were given away to the Top Performers at the event.

Chris Roden, Director, Growth & Sales Enablement for Interstate Batteries, said, “Overall, the game was a great success.  We had over 150 Distributors and/or their employees participate.  This is a significant number given the attendance of the convention and how the trade show was structured.”

Thanks to the Interstate Batteries team for bring us on board to help design a fun, engaging game for this year’s Conference!

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