Level 7 Immersive Art Installation Prototype

Local light artist and sculptor, Chris Lattanzio (, approached 900lbs to help him conceptualize and build a 15’ x 15’ prototype room for a large-scale, immersive art experience called Level 7. The “Space Elevator” prototype needed to paint the picture for important partners, investors and key stakeholders.

Vistors entered The Space Elevator 15′ x 15′ immersive room through a fabricated “tunnel” and were welcomed into a meditative white room featuring motion graphics outlining the Level 7 logo. With the touch of a screen, the seamless command of the projectors launched the adventure. The programmed LED light sequences, blended with an original music score by Max Poscente, and an aromatherapy machine emanating gentle aromas created a multi-sensory experience of relaxation and calm.

The programming enabled powerful projectors and audio design to impact from all angles. The three-sided projector walls displayed ultra high definition video images, placing our guests in the middle of Klyde Warren Park to start their journey. The park scene engrossed the guests in the energy of downtown Dallas. As the elevator began to rise, and large fans began to blow, there was a seamless transition as a plane flew across and the horizon and the ground below began to disappear. As the video images transported guests to the stratosphere, the clouds gave way to the calmness of the beginnings of space. The once energetic music gave way to a calming soundscape. The fans ceased to blow, and the twinkling stars began to glow. The moon was brightened as the guests realized a zero-gravity-like sensation. The music intensified and the group was slowly transported towards a space station.

As the space station came into view on all three sides of the room, a docking platform moved into position. The bay locked into place and an exit door appeared and guests arrived at the Space Station. Motion graphics once again outlined the Level 7 logo as the adventure came to an end.

The Space Elevator prototype was open for three weeks and garnered a lot of attention with tours scheduled daily. Key stakeholders could see the “art of the possible” as excitement and attention builds for the Level 7 immersive art experience!