Local Innovation Lab Partners With City Of Dallas For Virtual Reality Experience

By August 16, 2016 No Comments

By on August 1st, 2016


A post on social media last week mentioned that 900lbs of Creative has partnered up with the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau to work on a virtual reality campaign for the city. Few details have been released about what this new Dallas campaign will look like, but this is not the company’s first time to work on a city project.


900lbs of Creative recently worked with the Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA). Together they created a virtual reality experience showing the DIA’s vision for a more technologically savvy West End. The DIA is a public-private partnership formed late last year. It’s purpose is to enact a plan to make Dallas a “Smart-city”. They wanted to make their vision more accessible to the community, with the creation of the virtual reality project, which will be featured at future Dallas events.


900lbs of Creative is a group of experiential designers, interactive artists, and visual content developers. 900lbs of Creative focuses on non-traditional experiences such as virtual reality, holodecks, augmented reality, and other cutting-edge technology for a variety of marketing, educational, and event projects. More details to come on what this most recent project partnership with the city of Dallas will entail.