Mavericks’ Beards Debut In ‘Dirk Dynasty’

Mavericks get a glimpse at what their bearded future might look like if they don’t reach .500.

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The Dallas Mavericks have vowed not to shave their beards until the team reaches .500.

Well, if the Mavericks can’t achieve that goal by the end of the season, we might have a glimpse at what their bearded future will look like. In the latest video created by the Mavericks and the Dallas production studio, 900lbs of Creative, the team debuted “Dirk Dynasty” during Wednesday night’s game against the Houston Rockets.


In the video, the bearded heads of Dirk Nowitzki, Mark Cuban and Mavs coach Rick Carlisle are placed on the bodies of the stars from the hit A&E reality series “Duck Dynasty.” On the show, the Robertson family members are as well-known for their crazy beards as they are their multi-million-dollar duck-hunting business.


And at six games under .500, if the Mavericks don’t put together a stretch of wins, Nowitzki and company just might have beards that Dallas band ZZ Top would be jealous of by the start of next season. “Duck Dynasty” started its third season last week, with the debut drawing 8.6 million viewers, making it the most watched telecast in A&E history.