Perot Museum Climate Change Visual Storytelling


900lbs of Creative is thankful to have worked with the Perot Museum of Nature and Science since the inception of its new museum development in downtown Dallas in 2012.

Through an initiative to redesign the Dynamic Earth Hall, the exhibits team at the museum recently engaged us to create a large-scale projection-based visual story focused on Climate Change.

During our discovery process, we worked with scientists to gain a better understanding of the difference between climate and weather. Our challenge was to determine how best to present a complex subject in a clear, engaging way. We designed our framework of the transitioning timeline with a minimalistic look and feel to tell a chronological story of how our planet has changed over time. We created technical 2D/3D animated motion graphics of atmospheric elements with the integration of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) statistical call-outs.

Our teams discussed the importance that our content not focus on solutions but rather the fact that the earth is constantly changing. Seeing as how this is a controversial subject, our main goal was to provide context that results in the viewer walking away with their own viewpoint or thoughts.