The Challenge

In 2017, AdvoCare approached 900lbs of Creative to help create a one-of-a-kind experience for their new FIT product line to be announced at the 2017 National Success School (NSS), which hosts around 19,000 AdvoCare distributors, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The objective was to raise the bar from previous events and create a modular experience which would evolve from day to day. During the first day, we presented attendees with teaser designs to peak curiosity and generate buzz, spawning excitement for the following day where we unveiled AdvoCare’s newest product line of innovative nutritional, weight-management and sports performance products.

The Journey

The FIT Expo Experience for NSS gave us the opportunity to focus on a design which could combine physical and digital. We like to refer to this combination as “phigital.”

The “Teaser” experience posed the question, “What is IT?” In order to effectively entice attendees’ curiosity around this question, we had our fabrication partner, Mecca Designs, fabricate four large LED-infused kiosk stands with platforms and TVs mounted in them. On the opening day of the event, each kiosk represented a different workout including yoga, strength-training, kickboxing and body weight training. Athletes who specialize in each of these areas worked out on each of the kiosk platforms while our compelling visual content reinforced the message behind them.

The kiosks then evolved overnight into the “Reveal” concept which showcased the FIT line for the day of the event. We created new animation that was displayed on the kiosk TVs to represent each of the four products: Pre, Intra, Post, and Protein. The kiosk platforms each contained customized RealFiction holograms showcasing the products and our futuristic motion graphics which conveyed the “backed by science” theme.

With our partner, Mecca, we also designed and produced a nine-foot-tall FIT letter structure with a pull-up bar in the middle for attendees to pose and take pictures. The massive FIT letter had LEDs encased inside them so that they would pop.

The Result

The teaser and reveal experiences were a huge success for announcing the new FIT Product Line at the 2017 National Success School event. Prior to revealing the new line, it was clear that attendees were curious about what the installation was about and what it would ultimately mean. After the reveal, thousands of attendees took their pictures with the FIT letter display exhibit and posted to social media. 900lbs is very excited to have had this opportunity to partner with the AdvoCare team to create an experience that resulted in tremendous buzz and excitement for its new product launches.

“Thanks for being so cool and professional! For being the best under pressure and for bringing to life what was said was the best thing AdvoCare has ever done at NSS!”

– Christian Wojciechowski, Executive Creative Director