The Challenge

Caris Life Sciences is a Precision Oncology company based in Irving TX that offers unique capabilities based on molecular science and AI, in order to transform research, testing, and treatment of cancer. Caris invited 900lbs to create an interactive experience for their tradeshow booth at American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO’s) Annual Meeting 2022 in Chicago .

We were challenged to build an interactive 3D environment called the Nanoverse, which would showcase their transformative technologies.

A combination of data visualization and value prop narratives would educate internal staff and external customers on their testing capabilities and data platform. By emphasizing unique benefits of offerings for oncologists and biopharmaceutical researchers, Caris would have a fantastic re-debut at ASCO, after a 2-year event marketing halt due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Experience

Using Caris’ abstract patient data cluster from their platform, 900lbs dynamically populated an interactive 3D model (over 45,000 individual nodes / patient cases) that could be rotated, zoomed, and filtered by cancer type (lineage). Meanwhile, text and image-based narratives presented summaries of Caris’s sample reports and publications for easy-to-absorb storytelling.

We also integrated QR Codes, dispersed throughout the narratives around testing capabilities, to give guests access to detailed reports (which they could access after submitting an interest form designed for lead generation and automated marketing email follow-up). Viewers could see referenced publications’ citations at any time to enforce credibility of findings.

The experience concluded with a real-time outro cinematic showing a camera weaving through the cluster, discovery of Caris’s vitruvian man (unique brand imagery), and Caris’ motion logo with a web URL. The sound design and booth fabrication were incredible and fully immersed guests into the Caris Nanoverse experience (benefits of scale and multi-sensory design).

The Results

From an overall booth experience perspective, Caris generated more leads at this year’s event than any previous events.

We were incredibly pleased and thankful to be partnered with Caris in their effort to save lives via precision medicine.

We are excited about future updates to this experience so that it is more accessible and to further expedite Caris expansion of their incredible data-driven, life-saving insights!