Giving Back Is In Our DNA

At 900lbs, empathy is at the heart of our culture. We believe strongly in giving back to those that give so much to our community. That is why we continue to partner with local non-profits.

In 2018, our team had the pleasure of partnering with Cook Children’s Medical Center of Fort Worth to deliver a truly unique virtual reality experience for their patients – helping bring positive light to children who are dealing with difficult health conditions. We believe virtual reality is the optimal technology for transporting patients to places outside of their physical presence, thus helping them focus on healing rather than the pain. 

“A study by Schneider and Workman….82% of the children stated that treatment with virtual reality was better than previous treatments and that they would like to use VR during future treatments…patients demonstrating at least 50% reduction in their pain intensity scores.”

For Cook Children’s, we reformatted and customized Soccer Blocker – our virtual reality soccer game that allows children to step far outside of the hospital’s walls and into a futuristic training facility.

The 900lbs team is thankful to have been a part of this incredible event. We are excited to find ways to continue partnering with Cook Children’s, and others, in order to provide inspiration and hope to those in need.

“We are excited to have such a unique event for our patients and families at Cook Children’s. 900lbs has been so thoughtful and generous in the planning process; we are grateful for our community members who give back! This experience certainly brightened so many faces, so thank you 900lbs for your time, generosity, and commitment!” – Jillian Mitchell, Community Program Coordinator, Cook Children’s.