The Strategy

For the start of the Dallas Cowboys 2016 Season and our 3rd year producing content for AT&T Stadium’s 160ft long Jumbotron, we created a dynamic and energy injected highlight video that kicks off the second half of every home game. 

The Experience

Leading up to the start of the 2016 season, optimism and expectations are sky high. The team is loaded with talent and has an offense poised to make it rain. We wanted to capture that energy but deliver a unique, fan inspiring piece, so we used the metaphor of “a big storm is coming” and combined it with physics formulas and technical graphics indicative of the precision Coach Garrett preaches. Thundering clouds and lightning strikes ring in touchdown catches and big hits. Science equations highlight Coach Garrett’s inspirational words to the team. In the end, it all comes together to beckon fans back to their seats after halftime, get on their feet, and make some noise for America’s Team. 

Player/team footage utilized in this video is owned by the National Football League, Blue Star Operations Services LLC and the Dallas Cowboys