The Challenge

900lbs collaborated with DXC Technology to deliver the DXC Partner Experience project with the goal to tell the complex story of how DXC’s comprehensive community of partners work within all facets of their business.

DXC Technology — the world’s leading, independent, end-to-end IT services company — leads customers on their business transformation journeys. As a global service provider, DXC maintains a vast network of partners to provide the best solutions to deliver critical business outcomes for their customers.

DXC sought an innovative physical environment to deliver original interactive content allowing visitors to explore and learn about the DXC Partner Network.

There were a variety of considerations that needed to be addressed as we determined the scope of the project:

  • DXC wanted an impactful digital environment and user interface that would encourage users to explore the complex interconnections of business outcomes, industries perspectives and partner technology and illustrate DXC’s commitment to strong value driven partnerships
  • They also required a dynamic content management backend to support real time content updates for every partner profile (logos, case studies, value proposition, solutions, etc..) and the ability to adjust which partners were featured to address customer preference and competitive considerations
  • They needed a permanent installation of the content as an immersive environment but also wanted the ability to install the same content in other locations around the world. Additionally, they required a travelling version of the experience to use at various meetings, conferences and trade shows.

From project discovery and concept development, to design, execution and installation, 900lbs worked with DXC to deliver a truly unique and impactful interactive experience.

The Solution

For the primary installation, DXC provided a dedicated room within their Plano Briefing Center which 900lbs could transform into a full experience incorporating lights, sound, and visuals. This closed location allowed plenty of flexibility to explore a variety of technologies and to create a truly immersive experience for guests.

Our solution strategy included:

  • Leveraging Unity 19 gaming development technology to allow us to deliver real time rendered 3D graphics to create the visual impact we were looking for
  • Development of a“lightning orb” themed design construction and interactive user experience
  • Collaboration with our A/V integration partner, CCS, helped us create a cohesive physical environment including programmed lighting, space design, and new architectural elements, featuring a custom 3×3 Planar LED display wall with an Infrared Touch Frame.
  • The experience is powered by an Alienware Area 51 R5 computer donated by DXC partner – Dell Technologies.

The final deployed Partner Experience empowers DXC ambassadors and guests to explore the DXC Partner Network in a variety of ways:

  • Filter to different business outcome and technology solution categories
  • Help identify all related partners based on the outcomes and solutions they support
  • Showcase supporting content for each partner including executive quotes, partner videos, related industries information, and related partners
  • Connect with an artificial but human-like AI character, Daphne, to narrate the story experience (through Amazon Polly text-to-speech synthesizer) communicating with customers in Regional Briefing Centers, Innovation Centers, and Digital Transformation centers around the world where DXC hosts their clients.

"We knew the vision we had for our Partner Experience project was ambitious - with multiple partner brands, stories, case studies and demos that we need to showcase. We also wanted to leverage the latest technology available while telling our partner story to create a big WOW moment. The resulting interactive interface gives us the power, flexibility and stability we need to allow our guests the opportunity to explore the vast possibilities of the DXC Partner Network."

Margaret GardnerGlobal Marketing Leader, Solution Partners and Partner Programs at DXC Technology

The Result

The final DXC Partner Experience is an immersive and scalable platform that increases the user’s understanding of one of DXC’s key differentiators: their commitment to partnership as a key component as they deliver end to end, mission critical business solutions.

The experience has been deployed with full functionality in the DXC Regional Briefing Center in Plano Texas, with a second deployment in the DXC London Innovation Center. The travelling version of the Partner Experience was featured at the DXC Insurance Conference in Miami, Florida and at the World Business Forum in New York City. Additional installations are in planning for DXC locations around the globe.

Current content expansion is in progress including:

  • Addition of industry driven case studies
  • Added audio components and voice activation capabilities
  • Adaptation to allow Partner Experience to be used for virtual events and meetings
    Virtual reality
  • “Premium Content” leveraging partner software, solutions and hardware leveraging gamification, all based on WebGL

900lbs is proud to work with DXC Technology on the Partner Experience project.

Special Thanks: Dell Technologies for hardware contribution and support.