The Challenge

In 2015, our client came to us with a real challenge. How do we visualize services and make the intangible… tangible? How do we redesign a space that is more than 10 years old and bring these services to life? Our client’s vision was to create an immersive “wow” experience for their prospective enterprise level clients. This experience would need to reinforce their messaging while providing a better understanding of how their services could help the guests with their own business challenges.

The Journey

Through our science-driven Discovery Phase, we created a universally recognized metaphor of a challenging mountain climbing expedition. This provided the creative infrastructure for us to convey the vast array of enterprise services in an easily understandable and entertaining way. In order to maximize the impact of the twenty minute journey, we designed a truly compelling user interface design that represents the interconnected network of “tools” that help HPE’s clients achieve business goals.

Speaking to the technology, the metaphor plays out across a system of hardware components that react, in real time, to the user’s actions as they work collaboratively to overcome challenges “up the mountain”. The focal point is the 11 foot long interactive touch table that drives the content for the flanking 18′ wide projection screens. A custom surround sound and LED accent lighting add additional sensory elements that immerse the users.

The Solution

“The Enterprise” is the culmination of close collaboration with architects, sound designers, software developers, lighting technicians, construction crews, and most importantly, Our Client. Achieving the initial direction, the outcome of this project provides guests with a memorable and unexpected journey that furthers the guest’s understanding of how our client’s services can propel their business further.

Awards Won

Emerging Media Award 

      *Visionary Award (Gold)  Interactive Display/POP*

      *Leader Award (Bronze) POP/Trade Show/Display Advertising*

      *Silver Category: Interactive Media – Business to Business*

Dallas AAF “Addys”

*Innovative Use of Technology/Interactive*