The Strategy

The Boy Scouts of America came to us with a problem: Kids don’t know what it’s like to be a Boy Scout until they actually become Boy Scouts. How do we give kids the experience of Scouting to help recruit potential scouts? With this in mind, we set out to create an innovative experience that speaks the language of kids, helping the Boy Scouts stay relevant in a generation of Digital Natives.

Total Attendees
Enjoyed the Experience
Were Interested in Scouting

The Experience

As a studio full of energetic people who enjoy the outdoors, we immediately identified with the challenge, and quickly began identifying the exciting side of Scouting – The High Adventure Activities – and how we could transpose those real life experiences in an immersive and captivating installation. Virtual Reality became a natural conclusion, but classic VR is limited in impressions. We decided to deconstruct the immersive experience VR provides, and constructed a 3 walled “holodeck” – a room that would transport our audience into a first person view of a Boy Scout experiencing high adventure activities.

We then captured well known experiences like zip lining, mountain biking, white water rafting and rock climbing with 360 degree video, providing the content of our “Holodeck”. Our experience found a natural audience in the Lego KidsFest in Phoenix, AZ. With only a 4 week turnaround, we enlisted the help of Alford Media to be our Audio Visual backbone, and have successfully delivered 3 versions of the experience in addition to Phoenix – in St. Louis, Nashville and soon Austin, TX.