The Challenge

In 2017, 900lbs and our partner, RES Exhibits (out of New York) had the opportunity to collaboratively design Mack Truck’s new Customer Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. How many times have you heard the expression “Built like a Mack Truck?” It’s an expression ingrained in American speech because it’s commonly used to refer to something’s strength and reliability. Not only would we need to showcase Mack’s impressive product line and services in an innovative way, but we knew our work had to live up to the Mack Truck reputation.

The Experience

The primary objective of our first interactive concept was to showcase the industry-leading design and innovations which are “under the hood” of their vehicles. Our minds went immediately to Augmented Reality. So we created “Heart of the Mack”, an 11-foot wide installation that showcases the drivetrain of one of their trucks but overlays and augments the physical image with interactive content on a sliding touch screen. Guests physically slide the screen and reveal important features, watch videos, explore statistical charts and learn how Mack still lives up the motto that’s made them an American icon for more than a century.

The second installation was an immersive visual and audio experience called Uptime in Realtime. 900lbs created ultra-high resolution custom content that wraps around the guests on seven screens and tells the story of Mack’s “Uptime Center.” The Uptime smart technology is the brains behind the trucks. It helps fleet owners and drivers keep their Mack vehicles on the road longer and more effectively. All of the content can be remotely presented from a convenient mobile tablet that the ambassador carries.

Mack Truck was founded more than 100 years ago. Design and innovation are driving a transformative evolution in which the organization has never seen throughout its history. This new Customer Center brings the brand’s many stories to life and will reinforce the power of its product line for years to come.