The Strategy

Mitel is a global telecommunications company that provides unified communications solutions and voice-over-IP (VoIP) for a diverse range of industries. From, hotels and resorts to cruises, the Hospitality industry is a major focus of Mitel. 900lbs collaborated closely with Mitel’s marketing team to learn how their seamless communications are applied through vast, comprehensive business cases.

The Experience

Mitel’s Elite Experience in Paris, France is a very important event that hosts guests from all across the globe. 900lbs produced a scalable virtual reality experience which included a unique combination of immersive 360 virtual reality video, traditional video, still photography and motion graphics animation. Guests in Paris got transported on an informative journey through a guest family’s stay at a hotel resort. The experience allows the user to navigate through guest and staff-specific enterprise services like “Connected Guest” and “IP Connect” and shows the importance of how these are utilized. Mitel now has an innovative way to show how the mobile enterprise is changing for their many upcoming global events and shows.