The Challenge

NCR Corporation is a world leader in everyday transactions that make people’s lives easier.  Their software, hardware and services enable 550 million transactions daily.   In 2017, NCR approached 900lbs to help them make a splash with their booth design for the National Retail Federation trade show in New York City. NCR has a vast array of services and solutions that span multiple industries and needed an eye catching, technology based solution to not only be the center piece of their trade show exhibit, but also engage and inform audiences – all to be completed within a rushed timeline before the NRF show started.

The Experience

900lbs, in partnership with RES Exhibits, designed and produced an industry-first Augmented Reality iPad experience. Utilizing awhite cityscape diorama representing a Grocery store, Clothing store, Gas station, etc. Audience members used mounted iPads as a “window” into a digital world where they can see people walking around, cars driving and explore the inside of seven fully 3D modeled interiors of buildings. These digital assets are overlaid on top of the physical white cityscape creating an engaging mix of real and digital that was conveyed through the use of secondary TV screens that live streamed the iPad’s content. Users can tap on any of the 7 retail stores to reveal NCR’s products showcased through short vignette animations that explain how a particular solution might benefit multiple stores. The more NCR product animations a user watches, the more foot traffic that particular store will gain, with little characters leaving the store with NCR branded shopping bags. This interactive augmented reality experience served as a high level talking point for NCR brand ambassadors to engage in further conversation with current and potential new customers.