The Challenge

NCR, the #1 global provider of of multi-vendor ATM software applications and middleware, is leading how the world connects, interacts, and transacts with banking technologies. They offer a total suite of solutions allowing:

  • flexible co-existence of physical and digital channels
  • enhanced consumer experiences
  • full suite of self-service solutions for financial institutions

In 2017, NCR approached 900lbs to develop an immersive, flexible sales application to transform how these omni-channel solutions are showcased and presented to customers. This tool would also serve as a means for training new NCR Sales Team members and partners on the full, integrated suite of solutions that NCR offers to Financial Institutions.

In the early design stages, we met with Subject Matter Experts from all areas of the NCR team. With these insights, we determined how this application would meet the needs and objectives for all product teams, while allowing for a fantastic user experience for both sales and customers.

The Solution

Once we fully understood the scope of NCR’s Banking multi-product solutions and their goals for this experience, we identified that the sales team member’s laptop is the target platform to create an immersive and navigable 3D modeled environment of a bank branch. Other supporting materials, such as interactive software demos, customer facing presentations, videos, and product feature messaging, would be presented inside this Virtual Branch Environment to give sales team members full access to their arsenal of sales enablement content.

Several technology factors were pivotal to ensuring an effective launch:

  • Flexible, Intelligent Interface: Users can navigate freely within the Branch Environment as well as through easily accessible navigation areas to quickly jump to specific areas and find exactly what you need when you need it. Access to collateral and product information through an easy-to-use asset library.
  • Custom-tailored Demonstrations: Every customer interaction can be tailored to create and save a custom look-and-feel to align with a bank’s branding as well as custom ATM card reader colors and Banner Ads.
  • Offline Access: Sales team members required the ability to operate the experience without an internet connection when demonstrating to customers.
  • Optimization: To create a high-impact and immersive sales experience on minimum spec PCs, we heavily optimized ATM models, sales materials, and the 3D environment to run smoothly and consistently as well as on touch-enabled Windows devices.
  • Analytics and Insights: To measure success and audience behavior, we incorporated analytics and insights around on-boarding, utilization, and overall ROI. We mapped and programmed events that would allow powerful and simple reports in their Google Analytics dashboard.
  • Security: Requiring User License Keys to access the application help NCR ensure every sales team member is trained and authorized as well as to allow security measures with distribution of NCR proprietary content.

The Result

Together with NCR we created a truly customizable, flexible, and portable virtual environment which is utilized by over 2,000 internal sales team and partner personnel. NCR’s Sales Team is empowered with a tool that allows them to take potential and current customers on an immersive, engaging journey through NCR’s comprehensive suite of integrated banking solutions.