The Challenge

Breakthroughs in smart technology are greatly affecting today’s business traveler throughout their journey. From the rental car counter to pumping gas, the Internet of Things provides us with a diverse range of possibilities that fuel those smart technology breakthroughs. The challenge is that none of these technologies are truly connected to each other. In 2017, 900lbs of Creative was approached by to Nokia to develop an all-in-one application for business travelers who use Hertz rental car services, effectively bringing all of these smart technologies together in a centralized, easy-to-use app.

The Experience

900lbs was engaged to bring all of these technologies together through a modular-built graphical user interface with animations that worked together, flowing seamlessly. Our team broke ground by using custom, first-of-its-kind programming and development with a diverse range of APIs. The API from W Cities utilized GPS location (latitude and longitude) to find food and events based on user preferences. Continental’s Remote cloud key API allowed users to connect to a car remotely, giving them the ability to lock and unlock the car, among other actions. SAPs API focused on getting fuel, parking and keeping track of expenses. This collective vision was brought to life at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. 900lbs is helping Nokia and Hertz be on the forefront of making business travel easier in the future through the seamless combination of smart technologies.