The Challenge

For OMRON’s second appearance at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the primary goal was to create an impact with the audience and garner media attention to  OMRON’S latest advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, sensing and automation – no easy feat at the largest consumer electronics show in the world visited by 200,000+ attendees! 900lbs of Creative partnered with Exhibit Concepts to create all the in-booth visual content for that 4-day show. We needed to deliver videos and presentations that would visually stun while supporting the messaging strategy architected specifically for the show as well as the overall OMRON brand.

The Experience

The star of OMRON’s main hall CES booth was Forpheus 5.0, the world’s first AI-equipped table tennis tutor – yes, he’s a ping-pong playing robot that learns from you to adjust his difficulty during gameplay, while offering real-time feedback to help you improve your game! Just as impressive was OMRON’s Factory Harmony exhibit which allowed attendees to experience the manufacturing floor of the near future. This portion of the experience featured a “mobile LDS” (an automatized delivery robot) and allowed participants to create customized etched metal tins and select magnets to place within it.

The surrounding booth walls were adorned with 3 large-scale, high-resolution video screens playing the custom content that 900lbs produced. These high-end, modern videos and presentations highlighted the features of the technology being shown off at the show and built the credibility of the well-known Japanese brand to a predominantly American audience. In order to give this content visual impact and variety, 5 brand impact videos were created to play between presentations and the live feed of Forpheus’s gameplay.

Every hour on the hour, a brief TED Talk-style presentation was given to inform the audience about OMRON’s contributions to technological advancement and the impact their work has had on the world around us. For those, we needed to draw an audience in by capturing the attention of passersby and did that through an excitement-building countdown video and an awe-inducing pre-presentation overview video.

In addition to the content created prior to the run of show, our video crew also shot and edited sizzle videos for these screens showing earlier audience interaction and building more credibility to the sensational technology on display.

The Result

The overall effect of the cohesive messaging, and technology and media showcase was undeniable. Not only did the company get the audience impact and media impressions they required for their ROI, but the booth was consistently brimming with excitement and packed with people throughout the entire run of show. OMRON’s booth at CES was a roaring success and we’ve already begun talks with Exhibit Concepts, OMRON, and our other partners for how we can continue to raise the bar for next year’s show. In addition, OMRON’s booth was just named one of EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 2019 “Best of CES” Winners!

Congratulations to all involved, we couldn’t be prouder of this project!