Happy 10-Year Anniversary to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science! This event was very special for the Museum and EPIC for 900lbs.

As part of the celebration, CEO Dr. Linda Silver, the Hunt Family and the Board of Directors presented a ribbon cutting event as they unveiled brand new Athletes for the legendary Run Exhibit in the Lamar Hunt Sports Hall.

New Athletes include Patrick Mahomes, the record-setting MVP/Super Bowl Champion QB with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was born in Tyler, Texas and attended Texas Tech University before being drafted 10th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Ronnie Baker, the Team USA Sprinter, who competed in the 100 meter finals at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. He attended Texas Christian University.

Paxton Pomykal is an FC Dallas Midfielder and National Team hopeful for the upcoming World Cup. He was born in Lewisville, Texas.

Other athletes included Elodie Tessier (Team Canada Paralympics Wheelchair Basketball Athlete from the University of Texas at Arlington), Moriah Jefferson (WNBA Dallas Wings Guard), Tex Hooper (FC Dallas Mascot) and Natalie Cook (National Champion track star from Flower Mound, Texas).

In 2010, long before the grand opening of the Perot Museum, 900lbs was hired to create all of the large-scale visual content and interactive development for the Run Exhibit. 900lbs also contributed to the exhibit’s design, architecture, technology and hardware.

At over 55 feet long, the Run Exhibit is one of the largest exhibits and it is arguably the most popular.

There are two types of large-scale visual content on the Run Exhibit. 900lbs and our production Team films the athletes through a highly-technical video production process for life-size motion capture. Early on, there was a significant amount of R&D involved. Extensive post-production and visual effects are required in order to get the athletes in their final form. 900lbs has also created large-scale, life-size 3D animals over the years. The most popular CG creature to race has been the Tyrannosaurus Rex. We utilized the original maquette from the first Jurassic Park movie when we modeled the dinosaur. Paleontologists helped our Team throughout the animation and rigging process. 900lbs has also created a life-size CG cheetah and along with a 40 foot long underwater mosasaur (dinosaur) Tylosaurus.

The scalable nature of the content makes this exhibit truly special. The interactive ability to choose between Athletes and 3D animated creatures engages children and the audience to go round and round in line as they select new competitors to race. Immersive audio design and time-tracking make the experience competitive as onlookers cheer on.

900lbs is proud to be a part of the Perot Museum of Nature and Science!

The success of the Perot Museum’s Run Exhibit has given 900lbs the opportunity to design and create visual content for several other Run Exhibits around the United States including The Franklin Institute and the Science Museum of Minnesota.