The Strategy

In 2012, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science worked directly with 900lbs of Creative to create a visual story on the museum’s distinctive exterior. The story was shown for the Museum’s grand opening, titled “Night at the Museum: Discover the Perot” and greeted guests, on-lookers and highway traffic.

The Experience

900lbs delivered the story using a creative technique called Projection Mapping, which is the process of effectively animating stationary objects (a building, in this case) with moving imagery projected onto its surface. Guests were welcomed by the massive 150ft by 100ft custom animation, which used bold colors and illustrations inspired by the geometric shapes of the building to artistically represent the 11 halls of the museum. For each hall, the 900lbs team conceptualized a story using a diorama effect that gave it a look as if it was set “inside” the museum. In order to execute the project, we double-stacked 4 projectors totaling 80K lumens, giving us more than enough power to illuminate the Perot Museum exterior, while staying under budget.