The Strategy

Partner with the Perot Museum and the Science Museum of Minnesota to create an interactive exhibit to anchor the Sports Hall, an entire floor of the Perot Museum where patrons can learn and experience the science and technology behind running. The main objectives of the exhibit were to be physically stimulating, environmentally friendly and easily updatable.

“It is clear this exhibit is the crowd favorite! There are always people lined up to run against our virtual athletes…even classroom groups are cheering as their teachers take their turn at competing.”

Dan Kohl, Vice President for Creativity & Innovation at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

The Experience

As the content provider for the exhibit, we were responsible for creating life-size computer animated and live action characters for attendees to interact with on the 55ft interactive wall. For the live-action characters, a challenging setup of 12 HD cameras, 72ft of green screen and a crew of 22 was needed to film athletes ranging from professional football to gymnastics. Computer generated characters were modeled and textured from research, photography and many discussions with the museum’s curators. A maquette from the movie Jurassic Park was used  to create the Tyrannosaurs rex, and the Cheetah Conservation Fund provided invaluable input towards the animation of the Cheetah. The result was an unparalleled interactive experience that educates and entertains audiences of all ages.

The Results

The Proof:

  • Approx. 2,000 kids per day (visiting the museum)

  • Approx. 5,800 people running through the exhibit per week

  • Last year, approx. 300,000 people raced a T-Rex, cheetah or athlete at the Perot

  • Through our tracking algorithym, the T-Rex ranks as the top competitor constituting 28% of all daily engagments

  • Approx. 57% vs 43% choose to race 3d computer graphics vs real-life lmed athletes

  • Helped the Perot Museum reach it’s goal of 1 million attendees in 8 months (4 months ahead of schedule)

  • Helped the Perot Museum exceed it’s charter membership (goal was 10,000 and the number of charter

    memberships purchased was 50,000+)