The Client

On 2015, quick-Step engaged 900lbs of Creative to create a new and exciting “wow” experience at The International Surface Event (SURFACES), their largest trade show of the year. Quick-Step wanted to provide a glimpse into the future where customers can visualize the Quick-Step line of products in their own homes.

The Solution

Building on our past experiences and knowing the limitations of traditional, marker-based augmented reality, we opted for “SLAM”, a technology originally from NASA. SLAM allowed us to create a virtual scene in real-time, based on features of what the device’s camera viewed using computer vision. With this innovative approach, what the camera sees IS the marker. Using the camera feed of the space, we created a unique algorithm that allowed us to occlude objects and in real time, laying the virtual floor underneath the furniture in the room.

In the end, 900lbs of Creative helped Quick-Step innovate with an industry first approach to visualizing floors in the comfort of their own homes.