The Challenge

Ross Tower, owned and managed by HPI Real Estate, sits in the heart of Downtown Dallas and holds a beloved place within the city’s skyline. Boasting 45 floors and stunning views of  Klyde Warren Park, the building’s unique construction has earned the title as “The Corner of Everything”. The interior offers best-in-class craftsmanship along with a two-story lobby that is full of light and amenities for tenants and visitors.

To enhance the experience in the lobby, HPI Real Estate reached out to 900lbs in 2017 to produce large-scale, evergreen 4K content for their digital wall and to build out a technical infrastructure that supports a wide variety of types of content that can be displayed throughout each day.

The Solution

Using a 6 x 3 layout of Planar Screens to form one large digital screen, 900lbs worked with the HPI Real Estate team to put together a solution for producing beautiful rotating 4K content with seasonal and specialized content to be displayed throughout the year.

Purchasing stock 4K content to display can be costly over time, so 900lbs filmed custom 4K content at various local events and neighborhoods in and around Dallas. Not only did this provide Ross Tower with stunning large-scale content, but it also highlighted the beauty of the city it calls home.

Originally, the wall used several media players that were meant to sync both sides of the display. Ross Tower quickly realized that this method made it challenging to maintain compatibility, and this resulted in limitations for displaying content. To remedy this the 900lbs team created a solution utilizing Pro-Player Plus, allowing the entire display to run through one device. It was able to run more effectively and —  as an added bonus — content could be controlled remotely at the click of a button.

We have since evolved the Digital Wall further to allow for the ability to stream content, including live sports, news, and more. Now, Ross Tower’s lobby can easily be converted into an event space with tailored content for any occasion.

The Results

The Ross Tower display wall certainly hit the mark in terms of wow factor and now proudly displays lifelike 4k customizable content daily. Building management is able to customize what is displayed and when it is displayed, resulting in a truly flexible solution to meet the needs at any given time. With the adaptability and scalability to provide a wide variety of visuals, Dallas locals and visitors alike are treated to an experience whenever they walk through the doors.