The Challenge

Creating a compelling motion design video typically involves taking different elements, pieces and parts and weaving them together to create a nice, informative visual flow that speaks to the audience.

This motion design video was a quick turnaround and we needed to move quickly.

After receiving some initial brand guidelines and a first draft script, we were off the to the races.

Oftentimes, when a Client sends us 3D files of their product, we must optimize, clean-up, texture and light the model. That has always been the case working with ZTE and Verizon and this is ok. Communicating early and often, we head into projects with this assumption and need in mind.

As part of the project requirements, we had to create user interface motion graphics imagery and animation on the 3D modeled phone as it flipped and rotated. If you pause this motion design video at certain points, you can see the attention to detail within these visuals.

The Solution

Minimalism and simplicity were important in our design direction as we needed a specific tone and mood. With this storytelling approach in mind, we needed to edit with the right energetic music to resonate and pop.

Our visual content was used all throughout the Visible advertising campaign and it has been very well-received.