Speaking Innovation At Manufacturing Technology Show

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“What if innovation could be understood using a simple equation? It can, according to Brad Rossacci, Director of Innovation at 900lbs of Creative. He recently joined IMTSTV (the International Manufacturing Technology Show) to explain his groundbreaking research.”

Following a comprehensive investigation into innovation and how it occurred over a 100-year period, Rossacci identified several common behaviors that lead to innovation and condensed them into a simple equation: opportunity + challenge = outcome.

Rossacci’s study also yielded some common behaviors that are necessary for successful innovation. Among the most important are common thinking, empathy and storytelling, he said.

Common thinking is the concept that the simplest ideas can be the most profound. Rossacci explained that most people mistakenly believe that the most complex solutions will be the most effective, but often, the exact opposite is true. Empathy, or the ability to understand the human condition, is also critical to designing successful solutions. Finally, storytelling is essential to successful innovation because no matter how great an idea or invention is, it is useless unless it can be explained in an accessible way.

As one example of the power of innovation, Rossacci cited augmented reality, which gives individuals the ability to layer information onto the physical environment. For instance, workers can digitally access manuals, maps and guides in real time while virtually using a piece of equipment.

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