The 900lbs QuaranTEAM: Shows We Are Binging

While sheltering in place, our creative team has been finding tons of shows and movies to keep us entertained. Indulging in America’s favorite pastime – binge watching – has helped our team stay connected and creative, even if we are watching a docuseries about a polygamist tiger wrangler. From past favorities to new releases, here are a few shows and movies that we’re currently loving:


Watched By:  Heather Jones and Cole Wiser

Why We’re Watching This:

“I am a huge fan of Westworld! The show takes us on a journey into a believable future where emerging technologies like AI, Augmented Reality / Holograms, are a regular part of our everyday lives. At 900lbs we look at how we can leverage the newest emerging technologies and tools to create things that have never been created before while helping our clients to bring their next big idea to reality.” – Heather

“Wild west landscape, Spaghetti-western cowboys characters who are actually robots who rebel against humans with a whole bunch of cool sci fi tech sprinkled in? Ha uh yeah, sign me up for 3 seasons, binge watch mode engaged, nom nom nom.” – Cole


Watched By: Scott Sengbush

Why We’re Watching This:

“The show tells you it’s about a woman investigating the disappearance of her boyfriend after he joins a Dev team, but what Devs is really about is a computer company who is similar to Google in an alternate world. The CEO of the company , played by Nick Offerman, lost his wife and child in a horrible accident and has lived his life trying to justify their deaths with ideas of determinism. He creates a “Devs” to investigate how computer code can look into the history of any object to show the history of anything. They use machine learning to start looking into the future and the main idea is if you know what the future holds for you, could you stop it? Written and Directed by Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation), the show continues his penchant for pushing introspective thoughts mixed with science fiction. It will have you contemplating how far we should push Machine Learning and how you would react if you knew when and how you were going to die.”  – Scott

Abstract: The Art of Design

Watched By: Ossiris Avalos

Why We’re Watching This: 

“I watched both seasons of Abstract a while ago, but i rewatch them whenever I want to get hyped about a project. In this case I rewatched S2E5, to get hyped about redesigning our website. The episode is about Ian Spalter who is head of design at Instagram. They did an overview of his contribution to the Instagram app and the redesigning of the Instagram logo. Spalter went through a lot of heat with the new logo, and he was prepared for it. He knew that once people got over their initial reactions in time they would understand why the change was necessary.”  – Ossiris

The Madalorian

Watched By: Literally everyone

Why We’re Watching This:

“I’m watching the show because it’s Star Wars and a great, fresh storyline, I also am a nerd about VFX in films, so when I came across that it was filmed in a 360 LED holodeck, my Jedi senses perked up! Check this out:

The fact that filmmakers can travel anywhere in the world on a single sound stage, utilize the Unreal engine to have realtime lighting effects, tweak the digital sets on demand, forego a majority of the standard post-production effects and get the live action + set props + computer generated shots nearly ALL in camera makes for a revolutionary experience. It’s almost like revisiting/reimagining the classic matte paintings in a modern way (See: Also to mention the potential cost savings as well of moving crews around the globe. While I am sure that it does have its limitations, it’s absolutely a big leap in the right direction for virtual filmmaking moving forward.” – Josh Bray

“I was pumped for the Mandalorian when I heard Jon Favreau was the Executive Producer.  The thing I loved the most is how they blended traditional stage play by having most of the show shot in one environment (“The Volume”) and cutting edge technology that is too wicked to explain in a few sentences.  Please check out the behind the scenes content – it’s amazing! The Child was animatronic which made it look so believable!  It’s relevant to what we do at 900lbs because we also take the “lore” of our clients’ business and combine innovation and creativity to create a new experience.” – Rob 

Tiger King

Watched By: Cole, Alison, literally everyone, and their moms

Why We’re Watching This:

“You know, sometimes you just need a crazy, can’t believe it’s a true story, story to grab some popcorn and snuggle up to. This is one wild, super R-rated ride that is not for the faint of heart or animal lovers but has swept our country by storm in April. This isn’t very relevant to what we do but the most watched title of Netflix all-time had to make the list. It did remind us of a circus in Germany who in 2018 replaced all their real animals with “holograms”! Check it out” – Cole

“Murder mystery, hit men, politics, conspiracy theories, feuding neighbors, cults, reality TV, love story (kind of), and so much more! This series is a train wreck you can’t look away from. It will take you to a bizarre world full of crazy people doing even crazier things. Caution, the animals are the victims in this nonsence and it’s not easy to watch how they are treated, but if you can look past that you will be taken on a journey into a lifestyle more insane than you can imagine. And, it’s right in our backyard, just over the Texas border in Oklahoma.” – Alison

Other Shows We Are Watching:

The Masked Singer
Lego Masters
The Golem
The Simpsons
Star Wars
Lord of the Rings
Binging Ink Master
Harry Potter
Series of Unfortunate events.
Tetsuo:​ The Iron Man
The Phantom Thread
Night of the Hunter
Cursed Films
Taken at Birth
Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered
Little Fires Everywhere
Big Little Lies

What have you been watching?

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