Varjo – Strategic Hardware Partnership

By October 18, 2021 No Comments

900lbs is proud to announce its strategic partnership with mixed reality headset manufacturer, Varjo.

From designing and engineering to training and simulation, Varjo gives us the capability to transform workflows across a broad range of industries.

Some of the advanced technical features include integrated inside-out spatial tracking, pixel-perfect depth awareness through LiDAR, integrated hand and eye tracking, and low-latency video pass-through technology with a 115 degree FOV.

This new technology allows us to create deeper, XR-based training for clients looking to create true-to-life situations for their employees. It also allows us to capture a deeper understanding of what employees are doing during the training by tracking where both of their hands are and exactly what they are looking at. This will greatly impact design, engineering and simulation.

As we continuously upgrade and refine our toolsets, 900lbs further helps our clients understand more creative possibilities and ROI-driven applications that will impact the way they perform in the future.