900lbs of Creative is a collective of experiential designers, interactive artists and visual content developers who design experiences for a diverse range of events, exhibits and digital media.


Technology is finally catching up with our imaginations! No matter what your focus is, it's an exciting but extremely challenging time as we all transition further into the "Interactive Age." Traditional methods of advertising simply won't cut it and campaigns demand more interactive layers to truly resonate with complex demographics. Collaborating with content to reinforce the pull strategy is the future. From the physical to the digital, the experiential focus must cut through the endless media saturation with extraordinary blends of technology, people and brands.

Visual Content/Storytelling

Content is king... no matter how large the LED screens are or how hyper-targeted the digital campaign strategy is. Creative video content may not drive the results you are seeking without layers of impactful and informative motion graphics. High end 3D animation is truly beautiful but stylized 2D visuals can often exceed expectations at more economical price points. The power is in the empathetic nature of the storytelling. Understanding our Clients' business objectives and the results they are seeking is our priority as we help craft their message in a clear, concise and creative way.

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The 900lbs studio is based in the heart of Dallas’ most creative area, the Bishop Arts District. Environment plays a key role in our creativity so we designed a studio that promotes the process of idea generation and productivity. Bold colors and custom furniture establish our research lab, where we continually test new technologies and bring experience design to life.


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