Perot Museum Social Science VR Experience


900lbs has been a part of the Dallas-based Perot Museum of Nature and ScienceĀ  since its inception in 2012. Our team at 900lbs created large-scale visual content and interactive elements for the largest exhibit in the Museum, The Run Exhibit. As the Museum has evolved over the years, 900lbs has designed several other exhibits and experiences in its halls as well.
The Perot Museum hosts many special community-focused events throughout each year. One event that is always a big hit is The Social Science series. The guest are always a diverse range of demographics and the action-packed, themed event is always sell-out.
Science Fiction was the theme for the April 19th event and the 900lbs team was asked to set-up one of our VR experiences. Asteroid Blocker is a high-energy, future-focused VR game that our team created last year. It made perfect sense for a highlight of the event.
Asteroid Blocker is a fast-paced sci-fi VR game that takes advantage of new cutting-edge tech. In the user experience of the game, the player takes up the role of an astronaut on Mars participating in a training simulation. They are assailed by a barrage of holographic asteroids and must defend themselves with a varied cast of interactive weaponry. The game takes advantage of new experimental rendering technologies exclusive to the Unity Engine, as well as ManusVR gloves, which allow for real-time finger tracking and gesture recognition in VR.
Stay tuned for the next Perot Museum Social Science event. You’ll have a blast!