Sales And Marketing With Virtual Reality

By August 23, 2016 No Comments

As virtual reality grows more popular, more intertwined into our society and general public, the way businesses market and sell to their customers will change drastically. Consumers want to have the best, most exciting experience possible, so what better way to give them what they want than to alter their reality, or completely immerse them into a new one all together.


Virtual reality headsets may not yet be entirely mainstream in 2016, but as technology continues to improve and prices drop, the tech will be everywhere. In homes, department stores, shopping malls, jewelry stores, the real estate industry, just about anywhere you could imagine. These headsets will become almost as prevalent as cell phones.


One of the hardest parts of retail selling is getting someone in the door of the store in the first place. With virtual reality, shoppers would be able to peruse around the merchandise without ever leaving the comfort of their own living room couch. All they need is a VR headset, and off they go, wandering the aisles, searching the shelves, pulling clothes through the racks, and they never even had to put their car keys into the ignition. If someone wants to go shopping in a popular department store in Italy, but they live thousands of miles away on the West Coast of the United States, VR could allow them to do so. Another benefit of using VR in sales, is that in a normal shopping situation there may be some customers who are sitting on the fence about whether or not they want to follow through with a purchase. With VR, a store may be able to push them off the fence and get another sale in the bag. Virtual reality will change the way companies sell to their customers entirely.


The marketing industry will continue to evolve as efforts to produce enthralling experiences for new and potential customers increases. Virtual reality is going to break down barriers in marketing and advertising because it takes a formerly passive experience, just watching a video or looking at a billboard, and converts into an active one. Engaging customers in a thoughtful and significant way is a great strategy to acquire more sales. These experiences, tied to each business’ products and services, could likely be expensive if they were done in real life. An outdoor lifestyle company does not want to pay for hundreds of people to go rock climbing with their products, then end up with no purchase. That would essentially be throwing money down the drain. With virtual reality headsets, businesses can offer consumers experiences similar to real life at a much lower cost. With VR, the possibilities will be limitless. They ARE endless.


At 900lbs of Creative, we strive to provide our clients the most stimulating, provocative, eye-catching, realistic experiences possible to offer their customers. Check out some of our work with virtual reality with the Boy Scouts of America. As always, if you’re interested in what 900lbs can do for your business, or you’re just interested in learning more about new technology, feel free to reach out to us!